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Jamestown North America

The Technology Leader in Sheet Lead Production

Superior, Innovative, High Speed Fabrication

Jamestown North America is a venture of Jamestown Metal Resources, Ltd., based in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Jamestown Metal Resources has been a European market leader in sheet lead production for over 70 years, pioneering many of the production innovations in the sheet lead industry. Jamestown Metal's development of high-speed, high-efficiency production equipment set a new standard in Europe, and this exclusive technology is the primary advantage Jamestown brings to its new North American venture. Jamestown North America is the first high speed sheet lead production facility to serve the North American market. Read More

Markets Served


  • Sound proofing, anti-vibration
  • Waterproofing, flashing, shower pan liners

Medical Radiation Shielding

  • X-ray, P.E.T./C.T., H.D.R.

Industrial Shielding

  • Anti-corrosive linings, hot cells, nuclear

Letter from the Chairman

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Jamestown North America, an exciting new venture by Jamestown Metal Resources LTD of Ireland and the United Kingdom. Jamestown Metal Resources is a privately held business owned by the Sherling Family and a leader in the production of ...

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